With respect to the goal of passing on the homeless people to Mars, the lion’s share of its game plans will provoke to a fundamental impasse.

Advancement licenses us to go to and touching base on the red planet’s surface. Future resources can similarly adequately human to manufacture the station. Notwithstanding, an authoritative target is a long life, viable, first thing we have to understand is: How to create vegetables on the surface of Mars?


Agribusiness Mars talking about here, other than the way that Matt Demon in The Martian planting potatoes. It is a cultivation when food can be produced clearly on the surface of the red planet, outside the lab, with vacuum, fluctuating temperatures, radiation and an extensive variety of absurd conditions.

Matt Deamon potatoes kick the pail when the lab exploded, drying it under vacuum and ultra-nippy temperatures of Mars.

In 2 years, analysts have dependably performed green examinations on the International Space Station (ISS). Occurs revealed families us a couple of experiences. There is a sorts of green development and photosynthetic microorganisms can make due outside all through the 450 days of space. All natural cases was made back when the Earth and only a solitary dead case.

The examinations on the ISS is as of late the underlying stride of the wander Biology and Mars Experiment (BIOMEX). In particular, specialists need to understand life on earth can be climbed and make due in space and on Mars.

Many packs containing trial of minute living beings, developments, lichens, green development and greeneries have been introduced to the to an extraordinary degree fierce conditions: from close vacuum condition, reaching out from – 20 ° C temperature to 47oC and the UV radiation burst continues onward.

In June a year prior, BIOMEX lab was sent back to Earth. The specialists began examining the results. The creatures are decoded DNA to perceive whether they are experiencing adversities when living in the unforgiving state of the universe or not.

Sphaerocystis green development can make due in space, it will make oxygen and protein.

Two of the creatures put many trusts: Sphaerocystis green development, found in an archipelago of Norway and Nostoc archaea are accessible in the Antarctic. This species is considered to have uncommon potential, since we’ve known for cold resistance.

Green development can secure itself by putting the body into a state of hibernation, making a thick mass of orange follicles contain carotenoids. Carotenoids are shades for shading carrots, yet it in like manner has unfriendly to radiation.

Other than green development and tiny living beings Sphaerocystis Nostoc, have a summary of various living things also can get by in space, including lichens and water bears (Tardigrades).

BIOMEX test broaden, put living creatures into space.

The honest to goodness lesson of these animals can survive this will help us to have the trust of a farm on Mars. There, the green development can make proteins and oxygen, two parts are basic to help people survive when leaving Earth.

These trials, on the other hand, can in like manner help us see more about presence itself on the planet. There are speculations saying that life climbed all of a sudden inside a “soup” of Earth trail consolidate inorganic chemicals.

In any case, there are similarly hypotheses say that a meteorite passed on life from space to the ground. Accepting without a doubt, at any rate, we ought to in like manner find affirmation of a particular living being, prepared to survive and live in the unforgiving conditions of space. Besides, on, BIOMEX may reveal to us about each one of his answers.