WASHINGTON – After spending her whole life at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C., 3-year-old panda Bao will take off to China. The zoo is holding a few celebratory occasions paving the way to Bao’s takeoff on Feb. 21.

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Bao was conceived back in August of 2013 and is a piece of the National Zoo’s helpful reproducing program with the China Wildlife Conservation Association.

“There is a credit understanding,” said National Zoo creature manager Marty Dearie. “Mei Xiang and Tian, her folks, are here on advance, and that advance assention stipulates that any whelp we have is required to go to China. They can remain here up until they are four years of age. She is three and a half years old. It is ideal in the ideal time for her to head back.”

Bao’s flight to China will be around 16 hours. Since she cherishes bamboo, they will take 50 pounds of it alongside sweet potatoes and apples.

“It’s not surprising for a wild panda to move a long separation far from their natal range where they were conceived,” said Dearie.